So sometimes there’s an incident that you can look back on and laugh about… But at the time want the earth to swallow you up… Well here’s a quick story to learn a big lesson from:

I was asked to sing at someone’s wedding (not first dance but this lesson applies to that too), singing as the bride walked down the aisle.
So they picked the song “lost” by Michael Buble. Since I do a Michael Buble tribute I was more than happy to sing it for them… but I wish I’d have thought to question whether they’d listened to the song properly.

Here’s he chorus: “you are not alone, I’m always here with you, and we’ll get lost together, etc.”
Great for weddings…
…but here’s the first line: “I can’t believe it’s over; I watched the while thing fall, and I never saw the writing that was on the wall… If I only knew, the days were slipping past, THAT THE GOOD THINGS NEVER LAST”
YES those are really the first few lines!!! Imagine me singing that just before the bride walks in, and the whole church full of people looking at me like I’m trying to sabotage the wedding…
The moral of the story? If you’re choosing a song for any part of your wedding, then take the time to sit and listen to the whole song and listen to the words! 🙂