Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here is a countdown that you must start at EXACTLY 23:50 (or 11.50pm if you’re that way inclined) and it will count down the new year and play 20 mins of music afterwards, too!

Right-click and select “save as” and save it to your computer. Don’t try to play it off this site as any internet glitches could cause embarrassment!

New Years Eve Ten-min Countdown + 20 mins music


Happy New Year!

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Unusual Wedding Entertainment in the North West

Nobody wants a boring wedding.
Everybody wants something that will make it memorable and unique.
You can achieve this by choosing some unusual wedding entertainment.
Choosing unusual wedding entertainment is always a bit of a gamble…. because if it’s too off-the-wall then you run the risk of having a roomful of your nearest and dearest murmuring “what the hell were they thinking?!?!?!” under their breaths… but if you pull it off convincingly then you’ve got a sure-fire winner on your hands.

Is the risk worth it? If you pull it off, yeah.

So where do you start?

Our Wedding Nightmare(s) Part 3

(continued from part 2)
So I raced to he hotel to find nothing wrong at all!
In reception they said there HAD been fire engines there earlier, because a guest had taken a shower with the bathroom door open, which had set off the fire alarms!

Now rewind five minutes… As I was racing round to the hotel I only had ONE thought in my mind; “WHY did I not get that wedding insurance?!?! ” if I have one tip when it comes to weddings, then that is to get the damned insurance!
I’m going to write a page about the benefits and link to it soon, but for now, just remember that when the shit hits the fan, the insurance covers it.

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First wedding dance songs… Did you think that far ahead?

So sometimes there’s an incident that you can look back on and laugh about… But at the time want the earth to swallow you up… Well here’s a quick story to learn a big lesson from:

I was asked to sing at someone’s wedding (not first dance but this lesson applies to that too), singing as the bride walked down the aisle.
So they picked the song “lost” by Michael Buble. Since I do a Michael Buble tribute I was more than happy to sing it for them… but I wish I’d have thought to question whether they’d listened to the song properly.

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